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Custom solutions

Maa offers a wide range of cut and planed lumber, primarily in spruce. We offer C24 and TR26 rated products, ideal for home construction. Lengths vary from 2,70 meters till 5,40 meters. 

Our organisation is purposefully kept at a moderate size to keep it flexible. This lets us quickly adapt to diverse specifications from customers. In collaboration with a local planer mill, we plane about half our production locally, allowing us to deliver any profile on demand. 


Sustainable lumber

We offer products that are certified according to PEFC, FSC or both. We also adhere to an internal environmental policy that you can open below. 

We are proud to contribute to the reputation of Swedish lumber: reliably labeled, and of the highest quality. 


Affordable shipping

Situated close to the large freight harbors of Falkenberg and Varberg, Maa has unusually low mileage attached to each shipment, keeping costs down both for us and our costumers.

Naturally that also means less mileage added to the environmental calculation for our products, and that's a gain for everyone.


Contact us

Peter Sveibert handles all exports for Maa sawmill. He has 30 years experience with the forestry industry and can give you sure-handed assistance in English.

Office: 0346-38057

Mobile: 0703-535462

e-mail: peter@maa.com